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How do I set my Canon Powershot a4000 is to take good action/sport pictures?

How do I set my Canon Powershot A4000 is to take good action/sport pictures?


The Canon Powershot A4000 is what is known as a "point and shoot" camera. These cameras are designed to be simpler in operation than a DSLR and as such often have limited manual or semi-manual modes which can limit their ability to take good sports action shots.

The key to capturing good action photos is to have a fast enough shutter speed that you can freeze or stop the action. One major problem with taking photos at sporting events is they often have less than ideal lighting. This can present a problem when trying to use a point and shoot type of camera because it is harder to get a fast enough shutter speed.

Unfortunately the Canon A4000 does not have either an aperture priority or a shutter priority mode as those would be the two best modes to use when taking sports action shots. However since your camera does not have either mode the best thing you could probably do is use the Program AE Mode (found on page 83 of your camera manual). This mode will allow you to increase your ISO and therefore should help you get a faster shutter speed. Depending on which type of sport you are shooting and the lighting conditions you are under you would generally want at a shutter speed of at least 1/250 second and more preferably 1/500 of a second. Of course in some lighting conditions you simply might not be able to get that high of shutter speed due to the limitations of the camera and lens.


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