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I Am Always Looking To Improve My Photography Skills...Are You?

Welcome to, a website dedicated to providing digital photography tips, techniques and information to help you improve your digital photography skills.

My goal is provide you with the best photography tips, techniques and articles about all things related to digital photography in easy to understand language.

About Me

My name is Alan and I started this website as a way of helping others understand the basics of digital photography.

I first got involved in photography around the age of eight as part of a 4-H project. Under the guidance of a patient and talented 4-H leader I began down a path that would turn into a life-long hobby of photography.

While much has changed from those early years of Instamatic Cameras and black and white film, the basic elements of photo composition and proper exposure remain the same. Over the years my interest in photography continued as the camera technology evolved and improved.

Learning to Use a Single-Lens-Reflex Camera

After high school I purchased my first single-lens-reflex camera, a Canon AE-1 which served me well for a number of years. At that time of my journey I began to explore the process of developing my own pictures while taking some photography classes in college. It was then that I first learned about subjects like dodging and burning and other ways of editing and improving photographs in the darkroom. With the Canon AE-1 always ready to capture a memory of life's journey I focused primarily on landscape photography capturing many beautiful vistas as I traveled through out the Midwestern United States on my motorcycle.

Then as I got older and life got busier my trusty Canon AE-1 was supplemented by other 35mm cameras including a great Minolta Waterproof camera that was used to capture many memories of my young family. During this time my time for photography seemed to be mostly limited to taking photos during birthday parties and family gatherings.

Moving Into the Digital Photography Realm

In early 2004 I moved into the digital photography realm purchasing a 5 megapixal, Minolta DIMAGE 7HI camera. Needless to say the wonderful opportunities of digital photography as well as digital photo editing re-ignited my passion for photography. As a parent of a competitive baseball player and a daughter who enjoyed drama, digital photography allowed me to capture many special memories as they grew up.
Always Learning

As I became more involved in sports photography I eventually moved on to a Digital-Single-Lens-Reflex Camera in 2006 and began a part time photography business specializing inTeam and Individual Photos as well as sports action photography and custom posters. Today much of my time is spent trying to capture that perfect action shot at some field or court around my home town.

As I have progressed in my photography journey I have truly come to appreciate and enjoy all aspects of digital photography. I am continually seeking to learn new techniques and tips that will improve my photography skills.

Through this website I hope to share with you the many lessons and photography tips that I have learned and still am learning. I hope you will join me on the path to becoming a better photographer.

Thanks for stopping by!