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Sony DSC-HX100V

DSCHX100VAnnounced in January 2011 and released in April 2011, the Sony DSC-HX100V is Sony’s latest and greatest super zoom digital camera.

Replacing the DSC-HX1V, a 2009 model, the new Sony DSC-HX100V Cyber-Shot digital camera is the latest in a series of highly regarded super zoom cameras from Sony. Beginning with the DSC-H1 in 2005, Sony’s line of digital cameras with extended zoom ranges have been well regarded for their excellent features and good picture quality and the new DSC-HX100 is no exception.

Building upon the strengths of previous models this new Sony camera is an excellent “bridge camera” for those wishing to move from smaller point-and-shoot cameras without jumping into the world of DSLR’s and interchangeable lenses.

One of the great advantages of this type of camera is that it offers the user an outstanding zoom range and a slightly smaller size factor than a DSLR. This makes it easier to carry and with its 30X optical zoom the DSC-HX100 owner does not need to carry multiple lenses to be able to go from wide angle to extreme telephoto.

Features of the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX100V

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX100V features a 1/2.3”, 16.2 megapixel, back illuminated, CMOS image sensor to deliver high quality images. The 20X zoom lens of the older HX1V model has been replaced with a 30X Carl Zeiss lens that has a 35mm equivalent focal range of 27mm to 810mm. Combined with ISO settings of 100 to 3,200 you have a digital camera that is able to take high quality photos in a variety of situations and lighting conditions.

DSC HX100V SideOne new and very useful feature on the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V is the adjustment ring on the lens. You can set this ring to allow you to manually adjust either the focus or zoom. This feature can help you manually adjust the focus on hard to focus subjects or make manual changes to the zoom by simply twisting the adjustment ring. For DSLR users who might be considering adding an easy to carry, super zoom camera to their camera equipment, adjusting the camera’s zoom via the adjustment ring will be very natural.

Other features of the Sony DSC-HX100V include macro capabilities that allow you to focus on subjects as close as 0.4 inches at the wide angle setting to 6.6 feet when fully zoomed in. Another notable feature is the ability to capture up to 10 frames per second in the high speed burst mode.

The speed of the camera’s image processor also comes into play in several special shooting modes such as HDR, twilight and anti-blur mode. In these special modes the camera will capture several images which are combined together automatically into a single higher quality image.

Another cool mode is the Background Defocus mode which helps create a “bokeh” effect and make your subject stand out from the out of focus background. Rounding out the many different specialty modes of the DSC-HX100V are a sweep panorama mode, 3D image and 3D panorama modes, as well as several other specialty modes.

The Sony DSC-HX100V has thirteen different scene modes as well as two different Intelligent Automatic Modes where the camera will recognize the best mode for that scene and switch to the appropriate scene mode. It has been my experience that these intelligent scene modes work very well for most situations but when you need more control the DSC-HX100V is up to that as it also features an aperture priority mode, a shutter priority mode as well as a manual mode. The combination of automatic modes and semi-automatic modes are just one of many reasons why the Sony DSC-HX100V is a great “bridge camera” for those users who want more control and features than a smaller point-and-shoot camera without the bulk and need for interchangeable lenses of the DSLR cameras.

Other impressive features of this great camera are a 9-point contrast detection autofocus system allowing for faster autofocus speeds and three different metering modes (Multi-Pattern, Center-weighted, and Spot). It also has a built in GPS receiver and compass that allows you to tag your pictures with both the location and direction they were taken. A 3.0 inch articulated LCD display allows you to compose and view your pictures or when needed the electronic viewfinder can be used. In addition to still images the 16.2 megapixel image sensor in the Sony DSC-HX100V can also record high definition video movies at 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels of resolution.

The bottom line…

DSC HX100V BackWith a rechargeable info-lithium battery that is rated at 410 photos and a 30X optical zoom the Sony DSC-HX100V digital camera is a great camera for travelers or families looking for a full featured camera capable of taking high quality photos in a variety of settings.

Like many “bridge camera” models it offers you advanced controls in smaller body than a DSLR and also has all the specialty and automatic modes that make point-and-shoot cameras so easy to use. It is a great all around camera with an outstanding 35mm equivalent focal range of 27mm to 810mm.

Sony HX100V Videos

Interested In Adding a Filter to your Sony DSC-HX100V?

The lens on the Sony DSC-HX100V does not have adapter threads which means that you cannot add a filter to the lens unless you first purchase an after-market adapter.

While I have not personally tested these products on the Sony DSC-HX100V, I am providing the links to two products currently available for sale on Amazon that will allow you to add a filter to your Sony DSC-HX100V. I have also included a link to Ebay where you can buy a Filter Adapter for the Sony DSC-HX100V that accepts 58mm filters.

These lens adapters fit over the lens on the Sony and allow you to adapt either a 58mm or 67mm filter to your Sony DSC-HX100V. Again I have not personally tested these products and normally do not recommend the use of this type of after-market adapters.

I am including only links to these products because I get many requests for information on where to buy these adapters.

One note of caution is that you should be careful of adding too much additional weight to the lens of your super-zoom camera no matter what brand it is because adding too much weight could cause potential damage to your lens or zoom motor.

Find Sony HX100V Filter Adapters on Ebay

Here is a video showing how these after-market filter adapters work on the Sony HX100V


Here is a video showing one way of making your own filter adapter for the Sony HX100V


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