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Digital Photography Tips to Help You Capture Life's Memories

All things photography...photography tips, software reviews, camera reviews, etc.

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Photography Tips To Help You Capture Life's Special Memories.

Welcome to Practical Photography Tips-a website all about helping you take better photos!

capturing-lifes-memoriesFor many people photography is about capturing memories. Whether it's one of our favorite places, a unique moment in time or a special person, object or animal in our lives, photography is about capturing those memories and preserving them.

The photography tips and information on this website are here to help you learn to capture life's memories in a way that they can easily be displayed or shared with others.

With digital photography it is easier than ever to preserve life's memories through photography and many different ways of sharing those memories with our friends, family or acquaintances.

It is my hope and desire that the tips and resources you find on this website will help you capture and enjoy many wonderful memories as you learn more about the amazing world of digital photography.

The Path To Better Photos Starts Here

Let's face it....there is so much information available on the internet today that one can easily get information overload. With literally thousands of photography websites, countless blogs, tutorials and videos available, how is the busy photographer to keep up? That is where this website can help out.

It starts with photography tips, techniques and information written in easy to understand language aimed at the beginning to intermediate level photographer.

But in addition to that I also search the internet for articles, videos, tutorials and awe-inspiring photos, providing you with easy to find links to some of the best photography websites and information on the internet.

This allows you to spend less time searching for information and more time applying what you learn as you journey down the path of becoming a better photographer.

Your Guide To Digital Photography

Practical Photography Tips...your guide to tips, techniques and information that will help improve your digital photography skills and enable you to capture those timeless treasures that are life's memories.

Whether you are someone considering buying your first digital camera or a beginning to intermediate photographer this website is for you.

My goal is to offer you practical tips and techniques to help you take better pictures. While photographers of all levels can benefit from the photography techniques and tips found here, my primary focus is to explain the basics of digital photography in simple, easy to understand terms.

Our articles and examples are written with you in mind, and cover a variety of topics such as:

Join Me On The Path To Becoming A Better Photographer

I have created this website to share my passion for photography with others. If you have questions about photography, digital cameras, etc. feel free to ask them. You can submit your question or read answers to other readers questions at my Digital Photography Question page.

I would like to encourage you to share your tips, photos and insights on photography with others by using one of the content submittal forms found in different sections of this website. Practical Photography Tips is focused on providing you with tips and techniques to improve your digital photography skills and help you capture life's special memories.

I hope you will join with me and enjoy the journey down the path of becoming a better photographer!

Ready To Start the Journey? Here Are A Few Recommended Articles To Start Out.

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Understanding Exposure...ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed. Learn what these are and how they relate to each other. Doing so will help you master those difficult lighting conditions.

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Auto Mode

While many people are content to simply "shoot away" in automatic mode those who want to get the most from their digital camera will become familiar with with some basic camera settings and modes....

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Digital Camera Comparison

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Understanding Historgrams

What are histograms? Why are histograms important? How to use histograms? This page will help you answer those questions and understand how this feature can help improve your photos.

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Photography Questions

If you are new to digital photography it important to understand the "language" used. I hope you will find the explanations on this page helpful in understanding common photography terms.

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